What is an X-ray?

X-Rays are a great diagnostic tool to rule spinal degeneration, fractures, dislocations and bone pathology. They allow the Doctor to view the condition of the spine, joints and bone health. This allows the Doctor to see if there is any spinal degeneration, disc thinning, fractures and to check the curvature of the spine. X-Rays of the spine may be taken in our office, if they are required.

Do You Need Chiropractic X-Rays?

In some cases, a chiropractor may even order chiropractic X-rays.

One of the benefits of chiropractic treatment is that we don’t default to ordering treatments before determining they are necessary. Your chiropractor may only order X-rays if they suspect you have a fracture or a spinal deformity. Chiropractors may also decide to use X-rays if they have reason to believe that an existing condition of yours is now causing spinal degeneration.

X-rays are not necessarily dangerous, but chiropractors still prefer to err on the side of caution whenever possible. Don’t be surprised if your chiropractor begins treatment without using X-rays. They are also less likely to use X-rays if you are complaining about soft tissue injuries. However, if there is reason to think they would be helpful, we conveniently offer them in our own office.

Are Chiropractic X-Rays Different From Standard X-Rays?

Since we’ve made it a point to use the term “chiropractic X-rays” in this article instead of just X-rays, you may be wondering if those diagnostic tools are different.

From the patient’s perspective, getting X-rays done at a chiropractic clinic is no different from the standard procedure performed at a different establishment. The chiropractor will start by asking questions to determine your eligibility for X-rays. Once you are cleared for the scans, the chiropractor may ask you to remove certain accessories and articles of clothing. You will then be asked to stay still while the scans are taken.

Chiropractic X-rays only differ from regular scans in terms of how they are interpreted. Your chiropractor will look for the underlying causes of your health issues so they can prescribe the treatment that will help you the most.

Spine Time Services

Pain is caused by inflammation. We treat the cause and the symptoms of the underlying condition.

Active Physical Therapy

Tailored exercises and stretches to regain strength and improve mobility for long-term health benefits.

Chiropractic Adjustment

Manipulation of the spine improves joint mobility, and alleviates pain, improves health.

Chiropractic Exam

Assessment to pinpoint issues and create a personalized treatment plan for spinal health.

Electrical Stimulation

A therapy using electrical currents to stimulate muscle contractions and promote healing.

Ultrasound Therapy

Using sound waves to promote tissue healing, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain.

Decompression Therapy

Gently stretching the spine to alleviate pressure on the spinal discs and promote healing.

Intersegmental Traction

During this therapy, we use a rolling table to gently stretch the spine and improve joint mobility.

Massage Therapy

Kneading and pressing soft tissues alleviates pain, reduces stress, and promotes relaxation.


Diagnostic imaging to accurately identify spinal misalignments and guide precise treatment interventions.

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