*Affordable Healthcare Discount Program

Below service prices are only available through the medical discount program. 


$65 / Per Year


$99 / Per Year

Office Visit Total: Exam, Adjustment and Two Therapies (Stem & IST)


Adjustment & 2 Therapies (Stem & IST)


Adjustment or 2 Therapy ONLY


Specialty or Advanced Therapies (Ultra Sound, Laser, Decompression, Therapeutic Exercises, Percussor)


X-Rays Per Region


Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage - 30 Minutes (Participating Locations Only)


Swedish Massage - 60 Minutes - (Participating Locations Only)


Deep Tissue Massage - 60 Minutes - (Participating Locations Only)


Bundle Your Treatment & Save

Mild Pain
6 Visits

1st Office Visit & 5 Visits

Adjustment & 2 Therapies

Pre-Pay $305

1 Visit Free

Re-Purchase Package $200

Moderate Pain
12 Visits

1st Office Visit & 11 Visits

Adjustment & 2 Therapies

Pre-Pay $505

2 Visits Free

Re-Purchase Package $400

Severe Pain
18 Visits

1st Office Visit & 17 Visits

Adjustment & 2 Therapies

Pre-Pay $705

3 Visits Free

Re-purchase Package $600

Very Severe Pain
24 Visits

1st Office Visit & 23 Visits

Adjustment & 2 Therapies

Pre-Pay $905

4 Visits Free

Re-Purchase Package $800

* Spine Time discount plan is offered by – Affordable Healthcare Discount Program – The services offered in the discount plan are for wellness or maintenance only. The medical discount plan offered by Affordable Healthcare Discount Program, LLC is that a wellness or maintenance plan, therefore cannot be used for injuries associated with work, 3rd party claims or motor vehicle accidents. 

The wellness or maintenance plan offered by Affordable Healthcare Discount Program, LLC is for maintenance or wellness care not otherwise covered by 3rd party carrier such as automobile insurance, healthcare insurance, Medicare or workers compensation insurance as these are non-covered services.

About Your Visit

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to improve your health and wellness naturally. Our chiropractor works with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and helps you achieve your health goals.

  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • No Insurance Hassles – $0 Copays
  • Open Evenings & Weekends
  • Quality Care by Licensed Professionals

We review medical history, symptoms, and any other relevant information to better understand your condition
We perform a physical exam, which may test range of motion, posture, and evaluate areas of pain or tension.
Our chiropractor will diagnose your condition and develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.
Our chiropractor will perform  adjustments to help alleviate pain and improve your overall health and wellness. 

What Our Patients Have To Say

We love helping patients, and appreciate their kind words!

Great service from beginning to end and well worth the visit! I look forward to the next visit.

Halla D.

Google Review

Got an adjustment and a massage and left feeling better than I have in months. I had a very positive experience.

Kevin S.

Google Review

I have received chiropractic well care for over 25 years. They provided the best care in all of those years.

Frankie M.

Google Review

I love this place so much! I hurt my back in January and they had me fixed up within a couple of visits. 

Lauren M.

Google Review

Dr. Williamson and his TEAM are super! I enjoy the individualized treatment designed for me and my specific needs.

Jeff C.

Google Review

I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Williamson for always taking the time to listen to my chiropractic needs.

Lance Q.

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